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Sideways looking- –
something strikes
my peripheral view.
In between the betwixt
– -twisted revery
my mind strolls through- –
just there
in the periphery it’s you,
striking brush strokes
across my mind- -making
a mark only infinite wisdom
leaves behind in distant galaxies
and unconditional love. 

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph “Revery” (Personal Colection) Copyright 2010, by
Suzie Ashby.  

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I slip- -you catch me
in the gentle rhythm
of your heart- -before
I fall away- –
breathless and dizzy,
ensconse me- -love.

Your voice- -touch
– -delicate, passionate soul- –
fire and wisdom
complete me in ways
life alone cannot do.

I would
lose myself in you
– -a blessing.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

I come to you seeking refuge
from my heart,
and the point of being.
I need velvet pouches
of diamond dust wisdom- –
your splintered moon’s
profound treasure- -profound
measure of all the right words,
sentimental and sound enough
to wrap my heart around.

Cold- –
shining sun passes
quickly giving way to twilight.
I might not wait for words
spilling from a splintered moon.
I have no cloak for protection
from the war of heart
versus mind- -mind
versus soul.  I’ve done the math,
a thousand splintered moons
have passed since purpose
escaped my grasp.

I don’t want empty words
of reason’s reasoning
on excuses, or the proper
seasons for making love.
– -I come to you
seeking refuge from my heart
and the point of being
in my skin.  I need
a cloak of protection
to swathe my inner child in.
She’s waiting for answers and sweets- –
needing a reason for being,
beyond- –
           simply being.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph a family photo, Copyright 2010,
by Suzie Ashby.

running free,
free- -running, wind rushing
– -icy current,                                                          

On Guanella Pass

life bits flow beneath me
– -around- -away- –
tickling, prickling my flesh
they go, downward whirling
in life’s great flow- -dreams
pain, laughter, memories- –
little water-logged twigs of them- –
golden autumn leaves of them
rush on back
to those misty beginnings
where love first found us
dancing in God’s verdant garden

I trek upstream to meet you
– -wait on a hill of gold- –
all your smiles across the miles
from beginning to eternity- -beyond

I miss you soul deep- –
all life’s love, wisdom- -we are now
– -in this end we swirl together- -dancing,
our new beginning glows
beyond the brightest stars- –
I will dance with you
a billion waltzes- -again, again
– -circling eternally

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph Copyright 2010, Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.