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Sleep- -a delicate flower
wins the night- -morning’s
light peers violet-blue,
skyline bursting.
Cold- -reality stings the senses.

My Bike.

Breaking the rising and falling
of your chest, your moving
stirs me- -a cold place
where you were.  Bitter
wind’s rush unsettles
branches scraping- -clawing.
Purring cat curls in,
your pillow warms again
assuring sleep once more.
Snow’s drifting waves
send me spinning- –
inward dreaming.


Mountain flowers caress
Earth in fancy dress- -sighs.
Sleep- -blessed sleep,
I’m falling into the
warm pool of you
– -arms wide and waiting.
Harmony- –
                 birdsong calling.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photographs Family Photos.  Copyright 2010, by
Suzie Ashby. 

Spring Blizzard 2003, 8' 3" of Snow Before It Ended.


the way snow does
over Earth’s bones, trees
– -vast ocean
crystalline emotion.
Cornices curl
with the wind-blown night- –
stormy seas of unflawed white.
Love is like this drifting.
Wafting feathers- –
my love drifts
crystalline emotion
over you- -against you,
into the vast expanse
of your star bright heart- –
drifting- -drifting back,
returning love to me.

It’s all a gentle drifting- –
love and winter.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph, Personal Photo, Copyright 2010,
by Suzie Ashby.

Pull Me

Cold comes in
riding on darkness,
gliding toward me
– -silent, but for the wind
from the dark wings
– -feathers whistling
beneath the eaves.

Pull me into you.
Hide me in your arms
safe within the blanket
of your love.  Loneliness
– -the shadow of silence
touches my soul
with bony fingers
– -laughs at my tears.
My fears bleed violet.
– -Violent red streaks
the coldness, except
in you. 

Pull me
from never-ending
cold- -hold me safe
from shadow’s reach.
Pull me into your love.
Hide me from the silence
– -I am.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.


Wild Flowers in Sister's Grove.


Hay scent
wild flowers
freshly mown grass
rose blossoms- –
                            and rain
summer perfumes wind
– -dances with sunlight
glinting golden your skin
your eyes, taking in the world- –
the wilderness

I love Rocky Mountain summers
especially here in your arms
where summer grows forever- –
I’ll always find it
playing in your eyes
even when heavy rain
comes flooding the blossoms
Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Beyond iron gate
black wolf howls
mournful- -hollow twilight
eclipsed by deepening storm
creeping through dark woods.
Winds whistle- -lonely souls
trying- -crying,
death’s underlying bitterness.
Candle light flickers- -dance
the light warming shadows
around my chamber canopy.
Through the halls
cold stone walls whisper
incessantly- -secrets- –
loves, wars
losses beyond my own womb,
beyond simple letting go
of fears and tears- -crusades,
beyond bloodletting.
Fretting- -inevitable knowing
knots the gut- -fluttering
– -knowing loneliness- -deep.
Black wolf howls- -wind howls.
Drafty castle shiver my heart- –
haunting- -lurking ghosts
lost- -trapped- -afraid
afraid- -yet I welcome them,
here- -now,
                    a warming.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Wet gray horse comes
driving down the rain,
cool- -cleansing.
Thick mist swirls- -curls
through the woods
in its wake.
The unsettling
of seasons drifting
shakes my soul- –
it comforts me though.
Odd- -a storm soothing me
with its hoof beats pounding- –
resounding a drum roll
and mantra
so utterly free flowing.
Vibrations of sound
a profound statement
tattooed to my heart.- –
symbols crashing,
lightning flashing,
rain drops splashing
against the panes.
Waves- -carried by wind
in a gray horses mane.
I hesitate- -breathing
may change the horses gate.
I long to lasso it,
ride it bareback- –
break-neck wild and mean,
I mean I would love
to ride the wind
in a wet gray horse storm.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Shadows move
across the clouds
in circles,
patterns of them
like saplings
in the wind,
wings of them
arc toward the sun.
– -Soaring,
a heaven
unknown to man.

Except of coarse,
those of us
move among the clouds,
free falling
                   – -but not.
We spread our wings
toward the wind
by some splintered fragment
of Spirit given knowledge
implanted seed-like
in our souls- –
experience the hawk,
raven, eagle, falcon
and their song of flight
burning deep within.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.