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Dreaming Silences

Soaring Dreams airship over Golden Gate Bridge

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Silences beneath
a mass of swirling gray
ensconcing the biting,
soon numb cerebral
dance- -neurons
bursting in slow motion- –
faded memories
of your warmth
manifest still-shot images
borrowed from the silences
of time apart.  Those almost
images- -almost warmth
to tuck into

Wishing beyond
these cold dreams
flowing sideways
from my lips- -syllables,
broken arrows
caught in my throat- –
I need for needs sake
to know- -to feel,
how to feel in the reeling
without your warmth
in which to awaken- -to
wake the silences without
shattering the silence
I crave- -and crave you
screaming in whispers.

“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.”
                                                                                                              Leonardo da Vinci.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby. 

Holding me sweetly- –
gold fire dances in your eyes
soft morning whispers
– -complete- -heart filled with dew kiss
laughter and warm love,
beyond faded moonlight- -skin
moistened honey sweet
exotic melon savored
through long night- -holding
on two wave forms grasping tight
– -gently we melded
one in this morning’s sun glow.

Stillness- –
still loving in morning’s sun
– -whispers in my ear
I love you.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

dark waters
your eyes
moon light- –
your soul
midnight- –
I am
in you- –
night wind
your kiss
tender bliss- –
my eyes

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.