Sunset’s crimson stain                   
above the black horizon
dissolves.  I’m needing- –
pleading, cutting- -bleeding
for your love.
– -On my knees thoughts drift,
clouds of thought rain
painted leaves
burning within my brain- –
burning up inside me- -agony.
Mind flames reach upward,
outward, inward.- -My skin
prickles shooting stars
in the night wind’s whispering.
Shooting stars- -shooting tears.
Time slithers- –
a sidewinder from hell
stops before me.  On my knees,
it strikes- -again- -again
ebbing my sorrow’s tide.                     
Heart’s deep bass drums
rock me slowly- -all auditory
bends to a single pound- –
finality- -fatality.
Visuals fade to blackness
– -peculiar yet peaceful.                                     
I- -my sunset’s crimson stain                   
rise above the black horizon
and dissolve to meet you
beyond the Milky Way, at last- –
rock me slowly love
cradled in your smile
and all the brilliance
of you.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.