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Between Mount Elbert and Mount Massive.


            “The clearest way into the universe
            is through a forest wilderness.”
                                                   John Muir.

Circular heart
circular motion- -unwind
– -life- –
infinite lessons we left behind
circular patterns
in spiral whirlwind thunder
circles of thought
circles of mind
one mindset- –Earth
don’t mind the deviations
a body takes at Dreamtime
circadian cycles ticking- –
circular motion- -unwind
                 We were busy
                 collecting rainbows
                 in jars- -filling
                 our pockets with sunshine- –
                 dreams and emotion
                 deviations the mind
                 and heart take
                 in the spiral whirlwind thunder
                 – -life- –
                 soul’s circular haven
                 a womb of gold dust cobwebs
                 mind- – heart
                 love’s circular spiral
                 a coiled spring unwinding
                 spins them- -sends them
                 both mind and heart
                 side trekking the whirlwind thunder
                 of life- –
                 soul’s circular haven
                 a locked door
                 circular love in life cycles
                 never-ending, this circular motion
                 a potion for madness
                 – -for light
                 darkness is indifferent
                 when hearts unwind
                 find the key- –
                 infinite lessons
                 we left behind
                 in spiral whirlwind thunder
                 beneath the pillow at Dreamtime

           “You should study not only that you
           become a mother when your child is
           born, but also that you become a child.”

We listened to Eric Clapton, .38 Special, Carlos Santana, Trudell, and the FIXX while thinking how great the world was, after all we were in it together.  We had a lot for parents so young, too young.  We had each other and we had love.  You made our lives easy on $3.50 an hour.  We learned about cloth diapers, survival, and the proper way to load our backpacks, but keeping them under forty pounds was impossible, but you always brought the beer.  Yes, our chosen trails were narrow and steep.  We climbed them, eager to make camp and enjoy the solitude.  How two kids could enjoy such a life, I don’t know, but they did.  You made our memories.  The four of us were not just a family, but a team and happily growing up together.  We always thought a lifetime meant forever.  Who knew it would turn out to be only fourteen years.  The other sixteen we’ve spent apart, although still together at heart.  How was I to know they would grow up and leave me behind.  Even as grown men they still need us.

           “Ah, but I was so much older then; I’m
           I’m younger than that now.”
                                                        Bob Dylan.

I still love it.


Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Family Photographs Property of Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.


dark morning
Earth yawns
painted autumn
skeletal trees claw
sky- -purple, peach
light comes
frost glistens
I listen- –
in waves
light and color
flow brilliant

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

This Awakening

This Awakening

 rooster’s crow
assaults dawn’s solitude
shattering revery
red–purple- –
deep blue hues
leak through
the window
glow beginning
slow awakening
from dreams
dragging thoughts
– -dead weight
through a field
while falling
down a mountain
– -dragging thoughts
the star dust
in your eyes
in your arms- -body,
baby hold me
before I fall again
– -hold me- -explore
these depths, love
hides in there
the motions- -radiant,
warm currents flow
move in,
toss the bags anywhere
– -move in to me
– -electric needs
want’s path leads beyond
the blue hue pooling
of desire- -feed
on honey kisses
my skin tingles
in this awakening
to star dust
in your eyes


Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.


Moon’s glow holds
your secret safe within me- -your
locket for love, I am.
Sublime sanctuary- -you- –
my gentle addiction- –
your voice
calming silk threads
feathering my skin- -coming
to me in twilight solitude,
a warm summer breeze
kissed with light rain.- -You
my refrain from the light
of things darkness never knows.
Coming in the darkness- -sweet
shadow’s whispering mist
delivering me from the abyss.
Streaming contrasts- -gleaming
black, white- -darkest knight,
though angel bright- -your love,
vast extremes- -no in-between
just these moments- – loneliness
no more than a firefly flitting by- –
you whisper those calming
rain kissed silk threads
softly over my skin- -I sigh.
You, my sublime sanctuary
from the ugly light of things.
Soft caress- -again
again my gentle addiction
my twilight apparition- –

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.