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Glowing mist shrouds slivered moon,
red- -morning light pierces the horizon- –
minus fifteen degrees- –
complete silence.
Wandering night shadows
slip away,
ice ornaments glisten- –
nature crisp and clean- -embraces
my senses- -electric.
I listen and cling to every particle
– -miracles. 
Sage smoke offered inward,
upward- -outward,
I give thanks.
Earth’s eternal love
never sleeps,
unmasked in the dawning
she feeds my soul.
Bird’s wing flutter stirs
snow from branches,
even whispered echoes ripple- –
 action and reaction in motion
turning, churning- –
learning my way back
through ancestral dreams.
It’s an unconditional thing,
nature’s awakening
in this new year.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

Sudden cloud cover
ushers in silence- –
profusely silent
wildlife awaits snow- –
morning coffee warms
mid November’s chill
sleeping- -he breathes slow
timid light breaks- -blue
through a frosted pane
a kaleidoscope
splashes- -fire crackles
gently I kiss him
stirring his senses
silence- -holds me close.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.