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Cold Sunrise

Silence- -Singing.

Bitter wind
trees flail
whipping, lashing, thrashing
this mournful morning- –
a fancy white horse
rides in at full gallop.
Trampled dreams fade quickly.

There you are- –
waiting, wild eyed- -hungry.
Red-gold sunrise fire
warms my heart
in the sweetness of you
                                     – -smiling. 

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.                   


  • Sunrise (thevirtualrealityofstaci.wordpress.com)

This Photograph "Beltaine" is Courtesy of "pdphotos.org".


January’s passing
promises more cold- –
fold the dreams away
a summer wardrobe
                                  set aside
winter lingers- -and you
in continual soft sway- –
motions of love in action.

Here I stay
your private oasis
dressed in winter cloak,
my smokey love
forever whispering
proclamations of desire
by your caress
teasing my heart.

I am so much more
than an island
in the essence of you- –
continual lover
that you are- -even
I have a sea inside
frozen in January’s passing.

This Photograph is Courtesy of pdphoto.org, look for the link below.
January’s Passing, Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

Sudden cloud cover
ushers in silence- –
profusely silent
wildlife awaits snow- –
morning coffee warms
mid November’s chill
sleeping- -he breathes slow
timid light breaks- -blue
through a frosted pane
a kaleidoscope
splashes- -fire crackles
gently I kiss him
stirring his senses
silence- -holds me close.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Love Notes

a flat bottom boat
silent, but for your breathing
– -a slow rhythmic tune
playing love notes
in my heart
echoing gentle kisses
in the chamber
your eyes my looking-glass
for love

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.