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English: Limestone Boulder. Summit of Warton C...

English: Limestone Boulder. Summit of Warton Crag. Pockets in the rock provide a home for herbs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuous rain a blessing- –
no words from heaven
to moisten dry spaces
where my love and herbs
                                 wont grow.
A word barrel full of rain
never has much to say.

Electric Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid

Electric Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Cool emergence- –
intense dense gray
drapery brushes
against an earthy canvas,
blocking sun’s
impatient burning- –
no blue to cue
an artist’s dreams.
Earth settles
in thick folds
for a stirring
caress- -rain’s
silver hue pooling
in parched hollows.
This spring awakening
I’ve emerged entranced- –
stark contrasts lure me.
I unfurl my
blue orchid petals- –
inspiration for you.
I am open- -eager
to stir spring’s colors
deep within you,
sharing the pattering
rain- -a trickling
of wild orchid
in full bloom.


Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.





cool mountain rain
sweet grass and pine scented
puddles mirror the sky- –
dancing in your eyes
sun lingers
in all the right places
breeze stirred surfaces
reminiscent of love

you’ve always had me
this way
a dancing rain
comfortable- -soft droplets
against your skin
ready to linger
in all the right places

Photograph courtesy of pdphotos.org.
Poem Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.

English: Rainbows over Colesbourne

English: Rainbows over Colesbourne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to feel
cool rain
my spine
with skin
and summer sun- –
feel it
splashing there
where your hand
should rest,
there where
your lips
could find me- –
bind me
up inside- -out,
testing my will.

Open wide
the rainbow curtain- –
curve your light
on me
fill my heart
with summer
love colors. 


Copyright by Suzie Ashby, 2013.


English: A purple rose in lavender shade Portu...

English: A purple rose in lavender shade Português: Uma rosa roxa em tom lavanda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lavender roses- –
rain kissed love
falling petals
my heart feels
and hears
and sees you
in every scent

I’m thinking- –
to taste
the droplets
cool sweetness
of your skin
quickly- –


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

Your Classical Music

Down My Spine.

falls- –

trickles- –
my spine
my soul disrobes- –
your eyes
drink me in

we avoid
the crescendo
in the middle ground,

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

Up to Chance

I leave it all
up tp chance
as to whether
I create or relate
– -never been able
to do both
perhaps I should listen
to more rainbows
and watch colors
of rain dripping
in a bucket of dreams.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.