English: Pale horse In field between the railw...

English: Pale horse In field between the railway line and the Eastern Cleddau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I shiver- -the darkness
cold, missing you
Ignore the rain
on my face
over your suffering.

The inevitable lingers- –
a huge spider in its web,
dangling around my neck.
I’ve begged it to leave you
here with me.  I could
rewrite the turning
of seasons I’ve squandered
without you.  Selfish, I know- –
after all, pale horses are impatient.

I’ve heard quietus
can be kind- -beautiful
like you.  It’s down deep
in the well of missing
more years together- –
I fear most.

give mom and dad
my love.  I’ll see you smiling
again one timeless Sunday
for dinner and pie.
We’ll laugh
over no more tomorrows- –
then see about taming
a pale horse or two.

For Clara, I love you
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.