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Dusky- –
your eyes gloss me
liquid moon glow.

Entranced by the warm
light of you- -peering
through the night,
I leap
from the ledge of self- –
forever changed
in this sweetest falling- –
into the green-gold
glow of you
catching me- –
a single feather
in your palm.

On the way
to your heart
I cascaded
fresh peach kisses
over your soul.

Sometimes- –
love needs
no explanation
for falling.

Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.


I am
a peach
warm flesh.

Yours- –
around me- –
a grapevine
of passion
clinging only
to my heart.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Your soul- -my refuge
we’ve weathered my chaos- –
a deluge of loss, gain loss.
Time- -only time nothing more.
We meld as one- -water colors           
free in the rain- -fluid, brilliant- –
stirring of hearts, stirring
in this mobius continuum- –
dusks, dawns, warm- -cold.
You always hold me,
a peach blossom in your hand- –
softly, sweetly
despite things I do.
Our gentle drifting in you
an eternal thing.
Your eyes- -the unending sky,
you- -the expanse of starts
cradling me- -tenderly.
Safe- -this massive refuge of you.
We know
where this could go- -love- –
getting there is the journey
two hearts take- -searching
for the calm.
we’ve settled
in this fluid painting- –
water colors in the rain- –
absorbing the dusks and dawns,
burning red on the horizon
of our stirring.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.