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humid- -sleepless
giant moon
on cottonwood
leaves flicker- –
crickets chirrup

on mossy banks
we sip kisses
purple flowers nod- –

lazy river drifts
stars shift
chasing moon
time grows weary
for our hearts- –
                             too busy
                             spending time

Photograph Courtesy of pd.photo.org.
Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.


Dusky- –
your eyes gloss me
liquid moon glow.

Entranced by the warm
light of you- -peering
through the night,
I leap
from the ledge of self- –
forever changed
in this sweetest falling- –
into the green-gold
glow of you
catching me- –
a single feather
in your palm.

On the way
to your heart
I cascaded
fresh peach kisses
over your soul.

Sometimes- –
love needs
no explanation
for falling.

Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.


A whitehall rowboat

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Solitude settles in- –
not settling
for leftover love.
A gardenia moon blooms
sparking across water- –
reflections bleed through
a dilute breath- –
vapors rising.
Vacant- -rowboat
sways gently- -plays soft music
against an empty shoreline,
a fine thumping
in tune with our hearts.
Cold- –
I’ve taken refuge
in your eyes,
snuggling in to you
for the dream time.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

Enigmas- -the moon and you
lying here next to me
in one another- -new ground
covered in an hour
feels like making love- -just
passing the time- -away
from those red satin sheets
trailed serpentine
across the floor- –
door standing open,
spell binding- -binding us
never minding the world
as a whole
only the time we spend
absorbing the stars

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

Glowing mist shrouds slivered moon,
red- -morning light pierces the horizon- –
minus fifteen degrees- –
complete silence.
Wandering night shadows
slip away,
ice ornaments glisten- –
nature crisp and clean- -embraces
my senses- -electric.
I listen and cling to every particle
– -miracles. 
Sage smoke offered inward,
upward- -outward,
I give thanks.
Earth’s eternal love
never sleeps,
unmasked in the dawning
she feeds my soul.
Bird’s wing flutter stirs
snow from branches,
even whispered echoes ripple- –
 action and reaction in motion
turning, churning- –
learning my way back
through ancestral dreams.
It’s an unconditional thing,
nature’s awakening
in this new year.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

I come to you seeking refuge
from my heart,
and the point of being.
I need velvet pouches
of diamond dust wisdom- –
your splintered moon’s
profound treasure- -profound
measure of all the right words,
sentimental and sound enough
to wrap my heart around.

Cold- –
shining sun passes
quickly giving way to twilight.
I might not wait for words
spilling from a splintered moon.
I have no cloak for protection
from the war of heart
versus mind- -mind
versus soul.  I’ve done the math,
a thousand splintered moons
have passed since purpose
escaped my grasp.

I don’t want empty words
of reason’s reasoning
on excuses, or the proper
seasons for making love.
– -I come to you
seeking refuge from my heart
and the point of being
in my skin.  I need
a cloak of protection
to swathe my inner child in.
She’s waiting for answers and sweets- –
needing a reason for being,
beyond- –
           simply being.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph a family photo, Copyright 2010,
by Suzie Ashby.

Fire’s kiss
bends twilight shadows
morphing imagination’s
mingled thoughts
to beauty.
Orange moon rises
ever higher- -a neon balloon
uncontrolled, taking away
my quaking breath- -showing
night tide’s beauty,
sewing autumn stitches- –
a quilt of comfort
for broken dreams.- –
My soul grows
in the wake of you.
The moon forgets- –
I forgive, harvest comes
creeping bold flame kisses- –

I love you.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.