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Eyes closed,
I walk my fingers
over faces I hold
dear and familiar,
absorbing distinct features- –
a meditation on life,

Smooth autumn leaf faces
awaiting wind’s whispered magic,
to be feathers- –
aloft and dancing.
A cool granite face,
spiked and dimpled- –
dappled lichen scales curl
across the surface.
Times imprints- –
bedtime stories
of musty earth.
Wrinkled pine bark,
a rough face- -weathered
cloaked in whiskered wisps
of tangled moss
tells of north wind’s
brutal snow- –
life in stages- -staged by nature.

Familiar faces,
life’s changes- –
the future of pasts
always present- -ghosts- –
reality and memory,
imagery- -sentience,
eternal love being light.
I read textures in longhand,
the way I write love notes
to lovers I’ll never know- –
knowing those I’ve loved,
I will always love.
Their features immortalized
in natures textures.
Eyes closed,
sentient- –
I walk among the faces
I hold dear and familiar.

copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

And there he was- -fragmented
– -still
in silver webs of silence- -dreaming.

Inside- –
his fragments- -thumb a ride with life.
Daylight breaks blue and gold
across fresh snow,
never mind the cold, he’s alive.

Love’s breath lingers, a frozen mist- –
golden morning angel wings
surround his face- -tear crystals
hang momentarily
in the grand scheme of grace.

Both life and time- -indifferent- –
infringement on a broken mind, falling.
Transient soul hungers
for a heart-shaped pillow- –
a friendly smile- -coat
from a stranger’s arms warms
for a while.  Memories- -ghosts- –
family’s love to cling to.
What can we do- -God
what can we do?
Angel wings flutter- -somewhere
inside- -somewhere inside
love comes in phone calls from heaven.

I find a picture to cherish a while. 

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

running free,
free- -running, wind rushing
– -icy current,                                                          

On Guanella Pass

life bits flow beneath me
– -around- -away- –
tickling, prickling my flesh
they go, downward whirling
in life’s great flow- -dreams
pain, laughter, memories- –
little water-logged twigs of them- –
golden autumn leaves of them
rush on back
to those misty beginnings
where love first found us
dancing in God’s verdant garden

I trek upstream to meet you
– -wait on a hill of gold- –
all your smiles across the miles
from beginning to eternity- -beyond

I miss you soul deep- –
all life’s love, wisdom- -we are now
– -in this end we swirl together- -dancing,
our new beginning glows
beyond the brightest stars- –
I will dance with you
a billion waltzes- -again, again
– -circling eternally

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph Copyright 2010, Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.


It is not the rain
of summers past
that wash away long nights
but the memories

The dreams condensed
inside each crystal drop
and the realization- –
the thunder is even lonelier

that floods the soul
with waves of comfort
and shortens the night
with a song- -softly.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.