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My notebook
a womb of creation,
insane sanity set adrift
on paper rafts.
Random thoughts- –
a synchronous bargaining
between my right hemisphere
and nature- -a play
of light on love and words.
So many paths in the forest
I come to you
dazed- -reasoning
blown away,
creative pollen carried
on a honeysuckle wind- –
blown away.
a stormy process
in my writing ritual- –
ripples- -ideas churning lightly
below water’s evening surface- –
trout feeding on thoughts
and laughter.
My pen floats
when I dream.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

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Ever so gradually
full light returns
in flaming arrows- –
my heart excited,
begins to blossom
early for spring’s
glorious awakening.

Glitter- -golden
reds and blues- -blues,
sparks ignite
the simple things.
Snow settles
the awakening,
a letting down- –
                 falling down
freezing my early petals.
for the simple things
waiting- -anticipating
brighter days.  Perhaps
tomorrow will stay
a gentle while.  My heart
finds comfort in a fire,
hot chocolate and love.

Still waiting- –
in the simple things.
Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Mom and a Sis, and Mom.

She was a tear- -a stone,
the sun and moon traversed the sky
to brighten her dreams.
Her dreams glittered star dust.
She had it all- -gave it all
right from the start
– -love in her heart.
She was inspiration,
singer of songs- -weaver
of pallets for sleeping
– -maker of clothing and dolls,
a keeper of the old ways- –
keeper of names and truth,
burning sage- -cleansing soul.
She was a daughter of Earth- –
granddaughter of the moon- –
a sister, wife, mother, grandmother.
Her dreams glittered star dust.
She was a giver- -bringer- –
passer of light- –
flame on a candle
in the darkness burning- –
bright smiles, warmth, compassion.
She was a voice of prayer- –
balance and measure
of night and day.
She knew about loss- -hardship
and how to survive
on love.
She had it all- -gave it all
right from the start
– -love in her heart.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph, Collage of Personal Family Photos, Copyright 2010,
by Suzie Ashby.


dark morning
Earth yawns
painted autumn
skeletal trees claw
sky- -purple, peach
light comes
frost glistens
I listen- –
in waves
light and color
flow brilliant

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

A flat bottom boat at dawn
skims smooth- – silent,
not even a whispered ripple
shreds the coming light.
Your love is like this- –
gentle and easy, floating
deep inside me- -a dew drop
on my soul, a hush
patterned on my heart
etched there- –

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.