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English: Country garden, Shaftesbury. Melbury ...

English: Country garden, Shaftesbury. Melbury Hill is in the distance. The lovely garden includes a holiday apartment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A dream slips free
in dim blue dawn
silence- -sleep’s
vaporous veil fades
on a slow motion current.
Lightly muffled breeze
whispers through
open windows
stirring- -elevating
my consciousness,
aware- -elation,
Bird’s first song burst
rises high above
sun’s streaming ribbons- –
floating clouds on fire.
Adrift- -my mind
careening, I soar
nestled in nature’s muse- –
amused by life
in its cycles.
Setting morning routines
in motion- -eyes forced
wide open- -I look for you
strolling up the path humming
Celtic bagpipe music.
it’s been so long now- –

I’ll always look for you
in nature’s morning nuances,
never feeling alone,
or lonely.  Life
gave me you- –
I’m alive.

Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.



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Collecting thoughts- –
a jar of fireflies
warm- -dim
starlight shows me
how alone
I really am here
alone- -lost
in the absence
of Friday’s smile
winter slicing
through veins
of memories,
even shadows laugh
to see I bleed
without you
I hold my jar- –
a blanket of thoughts,



Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.
Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.


Eyes closed,
I walk my fingers
over faces I hold
dear and familiar,
absorbing distinct features- –
a meditation on life,

Smooth autumn leaf faces
awaiting wind’s whispered magic,
to be feathers- –
aloft and dancing.
A cool granite face,
spiked and dimpled- –
dappled lichen scales curl
across the surface.
Times imprints- –
bedtime stories
of musty earth.
Wrinkled pine bark,
a rough face- -weathered
cloaked in whiskered wisps
of tangled moss
tells of north wind’s
brutal snow- –
life in stages- -staged by nature.

Familiar faces,
life’s changes- –
the future of pasts
always present- -ghosts- –
reality and memory,
imagery- -sentience,
eternal love being light.
I read textures in longhand,
the way I write love notes
to lovers I’ll never know- –
knowing those I’ve loved,
I will always love.
Their features immortalized
in natures textures.
Eyes closed,
sentient- –
I walk among the faces
I hold dear and familiar.

copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

English: Pale horse In field between the railw...

English: Pale horse In field between the railway line and the Eastern Cleddau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I shiver- -the darkness
cold, missing you
Ignore the rain
on my face
over your suffering.

The inevitable lingers- –
a huge spider in its web,
dangling around my neck.
I’ve begged it to leave you
here with me.  I could
rewrite the turning
of seasons I’ve squandered
without you.  Selfish, I know- –
after all, pale horses are impatient.

I’ve heard quietus
can be kind- -beautiful
like you.  It’s down deep
in the well of missing
more years together- –
I fear most.

give mom and dad
my love.  I’ll see you smiling
again one timeless Sunday
for dinner and pie.
We’ll laugh
over no more tomorrows- –
then see about taming
a pale horse or two.

For Clara, I love you
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

so softly
a faint breath
goes in the night

looking back- -words
escaped me
with his passing

his fading light
left a momentary
wisp on the sill

yet- –
flowers still
bloom my heart

feeds life
endings- -begin

my soul
the dance

my wolf calls
out to me


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.


The love of my life

The love of my life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snakes shed- –
a shifting
from one phase
to another.
Winter lets go
giving up its
blankets to
spring’s bursting- –
new life pulsating.
Color storms
our senses- –
we begin again.
Metamorphosis- –
butterfly magic
works in stages.
                I let go- –
                old lovers
                for new.
                It’s hard
                letting go of
                one age for
                another- -size
                for another- -love,
                for another love.
                Life changes,
                exchanges energies- –
                renewal is
                light over darkness.
                                never- -never
                                really end.
                                Don’t give up,
                                listen- -my heart
                                purrs for you.
                                Hold on to me,
                                see I’m already yours.
                                now let go- –
                                it’s just the
                                We’ve barely
                                scratched the
                                surface together- -LOVE.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.


Love has him
out collecting the wind
and rainbows
in a jar- -trying to feel
what he knows
in his heart- -his mind knows
and so it goes out walking
about life- -trying
to find himself
in the coming
and going
between the ins and outs
of self-awareness and being,
his being, positively- -negatively
charged energies,
a walking stick- -fine line
between two poles
juxtaposed to love light
and starlight- -both
curving his universe
within- -without
second thought
to karmic polarity he
bends at the knees,
weak- -enlightened,
in love.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.