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Silence screams
in blossoms, trees, buffalo grass
swaying- -dancing
dew drops drip
Earth bound rain
lands it painfully
within this vessel of me.
You challenge it all with a smile.
Billowy puff clouds above
float with noisy laughter
next to you in my heart.
You- –
are tranquillity stroking my hair
– -desperately seeking
anything more tangible
than a silky dream.

Earth’s serenade whispers
through my soul, stirring
the mist and you.
Blades of sunrise
pierce dawn’s graceful veil.
Nature awakens
with wings thrashing- -music,
laughter of life- -free
eager for love like flowers
to be plucked- -love.
I leave you standing
alone inside me- -waiting
in time’s hallow for a tender rebirth.

Love- –
standing alone.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Warrior looks in
through my eyes
– -child wanting candy.
peers inward
through a delicate green lace
perhaps seeking the place
my soul lingers- –
seeking his manifest destiny
or some quandary to debate.
Not seeing me for me
behind this face
– -still- -cold
braced and fevered
in this darkened place.

My castle walls
I embrace- -a blanket
of cerulean blue- -tattered.
– -Web like
gray fibers fray
along the edges,
from time’s time
with time folding backward
on itself.

Deep inside me he roams
empty chambers- -pulling
at flitting shadows
– -all the specters
                                 I am.
Oh, if he could set them free
they long for light
of dreams and fancy flight
– -silent butterflies.  Yet
– -still- -specters cling to me
lover’s whispers,
they sigh
and I sedate them
with a cerulean blue blanket
and the inward touch
of a Celtic Warrior’s hands.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

running free,
free- -running, wind rushing
– -icy current,                                                          

On Guanella Pass

life bits flow beneath me
– -around- -away- –
tickling, prickling my flesh
they go, downward whirling
in life’s great flow- -dreams
pain, laughter, memories- –
little water-logged twigs of them- –
golden autumn leaves of them
rush on back
to those misty beginnings
where love first found us
dancing in God’s verdant garden

I trek upstream to meet you
– -wait on a hill of gold- –
all your smiles across the miles
from beginning to eternity- -beyond

I miss you soul deep- –
all life’s love, wisdom- -we are now
– -in this end we swirl together- -dancing,
our new beginning glows
beyond the brightest stars- –
I will dance with you
a billion waltzes- -again, again
– -circling eternally

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photograph Copyright 2010, Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.