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English: Snow covered spring flowers

English: Snow covered spring flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring- –
its feathered wings.
Cold white linen
over yarrow,
again it hides
for a time.
Oh, how the seasons
push and shove my moods

I yearn for tomorrow’s
return of spring- – 
and your sunny smile
warming me
in shades of love
I haven’t dreamed
of yet.  Birds trilling
the way Cyndi sings
“Time After Time”
– -all emotion
the birdsong
warming me
afterall- -sun
will shine
in your eyes.


Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.




DEW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moth in moonlight- –
I’m drawn to you
this way
your eyes hold me
captive- -feeling
you move through me
in a single sigh
we mingle- -meld
melt in silence
I want to curl up
with you on spring
green pillows- -purr,
content to be
captive and captivating
content to be
warm with you
let me curl up
and captivate you
in spring’s greening.



(Thank you for being my muse once in a while.)

Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.


English: Waterhall Playing Fields Viewed from ...

Collecting thoughts- –
a jar of fireflies
warm- -dim
starlight shows me
how alone
I really am here
alone- -lost
in the absence
of Friday’s smile
winter slicing
through veins
of memories,
even shadows laugh
to see I bleed
without you
I hold my jar- –
a blanket of thoughts,



Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia.
Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.

Water falls
blue- –
my careening heart
still needs you
love- –
my soul- –
wish you were here
in this falling
all over me again.

Photograph Courtesy of pdphotos.org

Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

Collecting thoughts- –
pretty rocks
to fill my pockets- –
dreams kept
for long nights running
backward in slow motion
waiting for you to find
me between the lines.

Icy night wind mourns
the summer still locked
away deep in my heart- –
where sea spray comes
dancing amid the gulls
and your shining smile- –
a bright sun warming
my toes in the sand.

I can’t stand waiting
for so long
between sunshine kisses.
Collecting thoughts- –
pretty rocks- -to keep you
in my pocket- -safe,
a cold night’s dream
while mourning summer.


Photograph courtesy of pdphotos.org.
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby. 

English: Pale horse In field between the railw...

English: Pale horse In field between the railway line and the Eastern Cleddau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I shiver- -the darkness
cold, missing you
Ignore the rain
on my face
over your suffering.

The inevitable lingers- –
a huge spider in its web,
dangling around my neck.
I’ve begged it to leave you
here with me.  I could
rewrite the turning
of seasons I’ve squandered
without you.  Selfish, I know- –
after all, pale horses are impatient.

I’ve heard quietus
can be kind- -beautiful
like you.  It’s down deep
in the well of missing
more years together- –
I fear most.

give mom and dad
my love.  I’ll see you smiling
again one timeless Sunday
for dinner and pie.
We’ll laugh
over no more tomorrows- –
then see about taming
a pale horse or two.

For Clara, I love you
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

White stallion gallops
a thunderstorm beach.
Sky drums roll
out beyond the pier- –
beyond cognizance.
Bareback- -warm
against my legs,
he carries me
effortlessly- –
flying free.
Hoofbeats splash
Poseidon’s kisses
over my skin.
Your smile, love- –
a photograph pasted
on a page in my mind- –
I find, keeps me grounded.
Sweetheart, you know
I would ride forever- –
I could, but your smile
anchored in my mind
keeps me earthbound.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.