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Sleep- -a delicate flower
wins the night- -morning’s
light peers violet-blue,
skyline bursting.
Cold- -reality stings the senses.

My Bike.

Breaking the rising and falling
of your chest, your moving
stirs me- -a cold place
where you were.  Bitter
wind’s rush unsettles
branches scraping- -clawing.
Purring cat curls in,
your pillow warms again
assuring sleep once more.
Snow’s drifting waves
send me spinning- –
inward dreaming.


Mountain flowers caress
Earth in fancy dress- -sighs.
Sleep- -blessed sleep,
I’m falling into the
warm pool of you
– -arms wide and waiting.
Harmony- –
                 birdsong calling.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photographs Family Photos.  Copyright 2010, by
Suzie Ashby. 

Your mouth a sweet confection- –
tastes of brandy and divinity.
Love- -perhaps we’re falling
and haven’t noticed.

The sky- -not yet comatose
blinks back the last vestiges of light
splintered with golden shards
aimed at our hearts.

We are falling.
I’m drunk on you already.

 Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

This Awakening

This Awakening

 rooster’s crow
assaults dawn’s solitude
shattering revery
red–purple- –
deep blue hues
leak through
the window
glow beginning
slow awakening
from dreams
dragging thoughts
– -dead weight
through a field
while falling
down a mountain
– -dragging thoughts
the star dust
in your eyes
in your arms- -body,
baby hold me
before I fall again
– -hold me- -explore
these depths, love
hides in there
the motions- -radiant,
warm currents flow
move in,
toss the bags anywhere
– -move in to me
– -electric needs
want’s path leads beyond
the blue hue pooling
of desire- -feed
on honey kisses
my skin tingles
in this awakening
to star dust
in your eyes


Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Oh, to know you like this- –
unbridled emotions ebbing,
flowing, rising, falling
in both the shallows and reaches
of your being
salt kissed waves curling over me,
touching- -caressing my body

I will row into your forever horizon
– -dive in, letting go of it all
– -body surf your soul’s infinite dreams
– -a dolphin endlessly playing
in the vast expanse of your heart
endlessly content
in the sunset fire of your eyes
glimmering- –
on this ocean of emotion
                                                you are- –

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.