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My notebook
a womb of creation,
insane sanity set adrift
on paper rafts.
Random thoughts- –
a synchronous bargaining
between my right hemisphere
and nature- -a play
of light on love and words.
So many paths in the forest
I come to you
dazed- -reasoning
blown away,
creative pollen carried
on a honeysuckle wind- –
blown away.
a stormy process
in my writing ritual- –
ripples- -ideas churning lightly
below water’s evening surface- –
trout feeding on thoughts
and laughter.
My pen floats
when I dream.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

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Love has him
out collecting the wind
and rainbows
in a jar- -trying to feel
what he knows
in his heart- -his mind knows
and so it goes out walking
about life- -trying
to find himself
in the coming
and going
between the ins and outs
of self-awareness and being,
his being, positively- -negatively
charged energies,
a walking stick- -fine line
between two poles
juxtaposed to love light
and starlight- -both
curving his universe
within- -without
second thought
to karmic polarity he
bends at the knees,
weak- -enlightened,
in love.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

Glowing mist shrouds slivered moon,
red- -morning light pierces the horizon- –
minus fifteen degrees- –
complete silence.
Wandering night shadows
slip away,
ice ornaments glisten- –
nature crisp and clean- -embraces
my senses- -electric.
I listen and cling to every particle
– -miracles. 
Sage smoke offered inward,
upward- -outward,
I give thanks.
Earth’s eternal love
never sleeps,
unmasked in the dawning
she feeds my soul.
Bird’s wing flutter stirs
snow from branches,
even whispered echoes ripple- –
 action and reaction in motion
turning, churning- –
learning my way back
through ancestral dreams.
It’s an unconditional thing,
nature’s awakening
in this new year.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

An ending
                beginning- –
dandelion seeds take flight
on the breeze- -scatter
I view them sideways- -hoping
to catch one without trying.
Mind’s shutter clicks- –
silent echo in gray matter.
Seeds drift onward,
inward- -landing
on a grassy knoll
behind the eyes, pregnant
– -flailing- –
loving wind’s caress,
butterflies dance on thoughts
with neurons exploding.
Lightning strikes.
Energy flows a deluge
                                       freely- –
synthesis in a trickle
toward the heart.- -Soul
drinks in summer tears
– -sighs- -smiles crystallize
creating a memory book
of cherished imprints
for recollection
near the end.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

light as dew
honey drips- –
sun is laughing,
singing on your hair

Your eyes are the sky
– -and you,
the universe
cradling me- –
safe, soft, sweet
you complete me

I would give all to you
continually- -never empty
you replenish me
with your unfaltering love,
filling the vessel of my soul
with fruits of heart

Around us- -here
meadow life surges
energy electric- -magnetic,
a dulcet symphony- -breathless
love- -springs flow from Earth
for us- -sun is laughing.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Pre-dawn moon glow bleeds
opalescent needles of light
through the pain.
On the sill- -crystals
absorb energy.
Night on fire- –
creativity dances electric- –
sparks ignite.
Brain and body- -one
with heart- -with soul,
flow energy- -flow
with the drumming
deep inside- -outward spiraling.
Moving in time- -swaying
through time,
I begin again.

Perceptions- –
intuition- -light
thoughts, words
flow fire and ice
from my hand- –
warmed by Grandmother Moon,
moved by love- -by God’s grace.
Gifts to loves and lives
across the cosmos.
My soul bleeds, too- –
in wave forms smashing
along the shoreline
of a distant star’s energy
pulsating inside your mind- –
and we connect- -synchronicity,
LOVE.  How can we not
feel such a merging.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.