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Glowing mist shrouds slivered moon,
red- -morning light pierces the horizon- –
minus fifteen degrees- –
complete silence.
Wandering night shadows
slip away,
ice ornaments glisten- –
nature crisp and clean- -embraces
my senses- -electric.
I listen and cling to every particle
– -miracles. 
Sage smoke offered inward,
upward- -outward,
I give thanks.
Earth’s eternal love
never sleeps,
unmasked in the dawning
she feeds my soul.
Bird’s wing flutter stirs
snow from branches,
even whispered echoes ripple- –
 action and reaction in motion
turning, churning- –
learning my way back
through ancestral dreams.
It’s an unconditional thing,
nature’s awakening
in this new year.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

leaf fall carpets woods
quiescent hearts paint dusk blue
dark wings slice cool air

                                       wind tosses pine boughs
                                       whistling under the eaves
                                       cold lake loon echoes

full moon chases fox
chilled mountain shadows settle
among dried nettle

                                       feeling euphoric
                                       color splashes golden-red
                                       frost laden dreams call

wandering no more
festive souls come together
radiant bonfire

                                       defiant cold rain
                                       counts coup on secret lovers
                                       despite singing birds

memories bursting
laughing clouds crystallize sky
before drifting white

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Atoms unite- -fusion
of elements and Earth.
Nature’s birth
a vivid blossoming
roars infinite–in echoes
bending- -bellowing,
eternal meandering.
Rushing, fertility flows- –
Woman glows,
Man grows- –
cerebral electricity shows
survivalist ingenuity.
Friction- -two sticks
– -two stones,
sparks ignite, flames
burn- -bright warmth.
Great Spirit’s gifts
unite humanity,
profound luminosity
of hearts- -souls melding.
You and I- -us and them- –
life’s love in continuation,
we listen to Earth’s Symphony.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.