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I’ll let you
swim the river
of my soul- –
sunbathe in
the calm of me
just to be
your secret
hideaway- –

I’ll hike
your heart
the meadow,
swollen- –
ripe with color,
honey drenched
and ready
for my dreaming

I’ll meet you later
at the headwater
for hugs
and wild berry

Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.



Sleep- -a delicate flower
wins the night- -morning’s
light peers violet-blue,
skyline bursting.
Cold- -reality stings the senses.

My Bike.

Breaking the rising and falling
of your chest, your moving
stirs me- -a cold place
where you were.  Bitter
wind’s rush unsettles
branches scraping- -clawing.
Purring cat curls in,
your pillow warms again
assuring sleep once more.
Snow’s drifting waves
send me spinning- –
inward dreaming.


Mountain flowers caress
Earth in fancy dress- -sighs.
Sleep- -blessed sleep,
I’m falling into the
warm pool of you
– -arms wide and waiting.
Harmony- –
                 birdsong calling.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Photographs Family Photos.  Copyright 2010, by
Suzie Ashby. 

Shadow Play.

Walking alone
memories spun in a silk web
hang quietly in my mind- –
love changes life
– -rearranges perception

alert- -aware
peripheral movement- –
glistening shadow play
his dark eyes- -there- -ingrained
in subconscious suspension
– -dreaming- -awake,
aware and dreaming
love flutters my gut

my heart unconditional
warms in his light
knowing I’m not alone

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.