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English: Snow covered spring flowers

English: Snow covered spring flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring- –
its feathered wings.
Cold white linen
over yarrow,
again it hides
for a time.
Oh, how the seasons
push and shove my moods

I yearn for tomorrow’s
return of spring- – 
and your sunny smile
warming me
in shades of love
I haven’t dreamed
of yet.  Birds trilling
the way Cyndi sings
“Time After Time”
– -all emotion
the birdsong
warming me
afterall- -sun
will shine
in your eyes.


Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.




DEW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moth in moonlight- –
I’m drawn to you
this way
your eyes hold me
captive- -feeling
you move through me
in a single sigh
we mingle- -meld
melt in silence
I want to curl up
with you on spring
green pillows- -purr,
content to be
captive and captivating
content to be
warm with you
let me curl up
and captivate you
in spring’s greening.



(Thank you for being my muse once in a while.)

Copyright 2013, by Suzie Ashby.


Snaking slowly,
heavy mountain mist
hangs- -clings,
constricts the forest.
Cold air moist and thin
steals my breath- –
climbing life my struggle,
ascending in silence- –
ascension my intension 
beyond the inevitable
changes coming
with darkness- -burning
with light, brightly bleeding
energy for seeding stars
feeding a work of art- -love,
heart and soul,
in heavy silence 
and thick mountain fog.
Changing landscapes
clawing- -clinging
heart scapes and footsteps
toward inward ascension
outward- -upward
and me, moving
in conjunction
with the stars.
Let go of the fog- –
it lets go of you.

Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

Water falls
blue- –
my careening heart
still needs you
love- –
my soul- –
wish you were here
in this falling
all over me again.

Photograph Courtesy of pdphotos.org

Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.


Open- -ready,
I reach
for your light.

My sweetest man,
dress me
in crystal kisses.
We are summer
in every season.

Love- –
such a sweet



For D.W.
Photograph Courtesy of pdphotos.org.
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

We follow a trail
long since tangled
in fisted weeds.
Walking back
through pages- -places
other lifetimes
have taken us
leaves thorns
in my thies- –
let me show you.

The back story
leads to now- –
knowing how we got here
is not important,
it’s where we go next.

your eyes speak
volumes- -I live
for a great
toe curling read.
for a luscious ending,
I’ll wait to see
where we go next- –
passion-flower seeds
sprouting my hair.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

I want to get up
and move you into
my realm
of possibilities- –
as though doing so
would declare us
instant lovers.

I want to lie
at your side watching
a tapestry of stars
unroll- -strobe
across a purple
dreamscape paradise- –
imagining there is
a place for us
besides apart.

I said- –
I really want
to move you.


NASA Photograph.
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.