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Glowing mist shrouds slivered moon,
red- -morning light pierces the horizon- –
minus fifteen degrees- –
complete silence.
Wandering night shadows
slip away,
ice ornaments glisten- –
nature crisp and clean- -embraces
my senses- -electric.
I listen and cling to every particle
– -miracles. 
Sage smoke offered inward,
upward- -outward,
I give thanks.
Earth’s eternal love
never sleeps,
unmasked in the dawning
she feeds my soul.
Bird’s wing flutter stirs
snow from branches,
even whispered echoes ripple- –
 action and reaction in motion
turning, churning- –
learning my way back
through ancestral dreams.
It’s an unconditional thing,
nature’s awakening
in this new year.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.

Ever so gradually
full light returns
in flaming arrows- –
my heart excited,
begins to blossom
early for spring’s
glorious awakening.

Glitter- -golden
reds and blues- -blues,
sparks ignite
the simple things.
Snow settles
the awakening,
a letting down- –
                 falling down
freezing my early petals.
for the simple things
waiting- -anticipating
brighter days.  Perhaps
tomorrow will stay
a gentle while.  My heart
finds comfort in a fire,
hot chocolate and love.

Still waiting- –
in the simple things.
Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

This Awakening

This Awakening

 rooster’s crow
assaults dawn’s solitude
shattering revery
red–purple- –
deep blue hues
leak through
the window
glow beginning
slow awakening
from dreams
dragging thoughts
– -dead weight
through a field
while falling
down a mountain
– -dragging thoughts
the star dust
in your eyes
in your arms- -body,
baby hold me
before I fall again
– -hold me- -explore
these depths, love
hides in there
the motions- -radiant,
warm currents flow
move in,
toss the bags anywhere
– -move in to me
– -electric needs
want’s path leads beyond
the blue hue pooling
of desire- -feed
on honey kisses
my skin tingles
in this awakening
to star dust
in your eyes


Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.