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Angels flutter their lashes- –
butterfly wings brush gently,
my skin tingles.  So electric,
your touch arcs light
across my sky.

We kiss like this heaven- –
our heaven in each kiss,
as two angels collide.

Your warm
summer rain love
washes over me.  So clearly
I see your heart from here- –
feel the beat
your soul dances to.
All the while
I’m captured by
the crystalline structure
of the eyes you see
through me with.
We connect
in the green-gold
light of you- -painting
love shadows on the wall.

Angels flutter their
butterfly lashes
down the hall.
My skin tingles- -your touch
arcs light across my sky.
we kiss like this heaven
as two angels collide.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

And there he was- -fragmented
– -still
in silver webs of silence- -dreaming.

Inside- –
his fragments- -thumb a ride with life.
Daylight breaks blue and gold
across fresh snow,
never mind the cold, he’s alive.

Love’s breath lingers, a frozen mist- –
golden morning angel wings
surround his face- -tear crystals
hang momentarily
in the grand scheme of grace.

Both life and time- -indifferent- –
infringement on a broken mind, falling.
Transient soul hungers
for a heart-shaped pillow- –
a friendly smile- -coat
from a stranger’s arms warms
for a while.  Memories- -ghosts- –
family’s love to cling to.
What can we do- -God
what can we do?
Angel wings flutter- -somewhere
inside- -somewhere inside
love comes in phone calls from heaven.

I find a picture to cherish a while. 

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

It is
humanity with no soul,
control freaks- -CONTROL,
the great sleepwalking hordes- –
not sharing the value
of unconditional love- –
the precious vastness
of its meaning- –
Unconditional Love.- –
essential cohesive ingredient
for healthy personal empowerment
in life’s great flow- –
a societal inability to slow
allowing our children
to unconditionally grow- –
so they may know
carnage and death
do not create great heroes
unique in their technique
to receive attention.
The brutal intention
of freaks in control,
humanity with no soul,
the great sleepwalking hordes
devoid- -of love- -unconditional,
is why children die
at the hands of other children- –
vicious- -malicious,
this grave war of angels.
Humanity HAS the capacity- –
facility of heart, to overcome
what the control freak mindset
has yet to encompass.- –

True victory for a hero
is not in the act of conquering,
but in the deeds
of unconditional loving- –
despite the hateful acidity
of others.

Copyright 2009 and 2010, by Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.

Moon sparks ignite
dancing fairies
across water
lapping laughter
along the shore.
Mountains- –
guardians of
serenity- –
whisper softly.
Twilight’s shadows
play around us.
Your kiss gently
feathers my nape.
Embracing- -night
angels smile down.
We know right here
– -now, all the world
we need engulfs
us- -wilderness peace.
Heaven blossoms
above this love,
our love- –
the place to be.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.