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Between Mount Elbert and Mount Massive.


            “The clearest way into the universe
            is through a forest wilderness.”
                                                   John Muir.

Circular heart
circular motion- -unwind
– -life- –
infinite lessons we left behind
circular patterns
in spiral whirlwind thunder
circles of thought
circles of mind
one mindset- –Earth
don’t mind the deviations
a body takes at Dreamtime
circadian cycles ticking- –
circular motion- -unwind
                 We were busy
                 collecting rainbows
                 in jars- -filling
                 our pockets with sunshine- –
                 dreams and emotion
                 deviations the mind
                 and heart take
                 in the spiral whirlwind thunder
                 – -life- –
                 soul’s circular haven
                 a womb of gold dust cobwebs
                 mind- – heart
                 love’s circular spiral
                 a coiled spring unwinding
                 spins them- -sends them
                 both mind and heart
                 side trekking the whirlwind thunder
                 of life- –
                 soul’s circular haven
                 a locked door
                 circular love in life cycles
                 never-ending, this circular motion
                 a potion for madness
                 – -for light
                 darkness is indifferent
                 when hearts unwind
                 find the key- –
                 infinite lessons
                 we left behind
                 in spiral whirlwind thunder
                 beneath the pillow at Dreamtime

           “You should study not only that you
           become a mother when your child is
           born, but also that you become a child.”

We listened to Eric Clapton, .38 Special, Carlos Santana, Trudell, and the FIXX while thinking how great the world was, after all we were in it together.  We had a lot for parents so young, too young.  We had each other and we had love.  You made our lives easy on $3.50 an hour.  We learned about cloth diapers, survival, and the proper way to load our backpacks, but keeping them under forty pounds was impossible, but you always brought the beer.  Yes, our chosen trails were narrow and steep.  We climbed them, eager to make camp and enjoy the solitude.  How two kids could enjoy such a life, I don’t know, but they did.  You made our memories.  The four of us were not just a family, but a team and happily growing up together.  We always thought a lifetime meant forever.  Who knew it would turn out to be only fourteen years.  The other sixteen we’ve spent apart, although still together at heart.  How was I to know they would grow up and leave me behind.  Even as grown men they still need us.

           “Ah, but I was so much older then; I’m
           I’m younger than that now.”
                                                        Bob Dylan.

I still love it.


Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.
Family Photographs Property of Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.

It is
humanity with no soul,
control freaks- -CONTROL,
the great sleepwalking hordes- –
not sharing the value
of unconditional love- –
the precious vastness
of its meaning- –
Unconditional Love.- –
essential cohesive ingredient
for healthy personal empowerment
in life’s great flow- –
a societal inability to slow
allowing our children
to unconditionally grow- –
so they may know
carnage and death
do not create great heroes
unique in their technique
to receive attention.
The brutal intention
of freaks in control,
humanity with no soul,
the great sleepwalking hordes
devoid- -of love- -unconditional,
is why children die
at the hands of other children- –
vicious- -malicious,
this grave war of angels.
Humanity HAS the capacity- –
facility of heart, to overcome
what the control freak mindset
has yet to encompass.- –

True victory for a hero
is not in the act of conquering,
but in the deeds
of unconditional loving- –
despite the hateful acidity
of others.

Copyright 2009 and 2010, by Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.