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We follow a trail
long since tangled
in fisted weeds.
Walking back
through pages- -places
other lifetimes
have taken us
leaves thorns
in my thies- –
let me show you.

The back story
leads to now- –
knowing how we got here
is not important,
it’s where we go next.

your eyes speak
volumes- -I live
for a great
toe curling read.
for a luscious ending,
I’ll wait to see
where we go next- –
passion-flower seeds
sprouting my hair.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

Weaving spider,
a dreamcatcher’s web- –
dressing it a bit
more difficult.
Designing love
by hand
means listening
to its needs.
Breathing into it
pieces of heart- –
bits of soul, I risk
losing a child- –
an impending
letting go.
I’m never ready
to give them up- –
these seedling
extensions of self.
I do
the poem.

You are
my dreamcatcher.


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.


Universe in motion
energy flows- -Earth flows
constantly in spiral.
Clouds flow electric
energy bends branches
in waves of wind- –
rainbows the sky.
Universe in motion- –
constant humanity,
love energy never dies.
Life in motion- –
seeds driven by song,
rain given promises
carry us along- –
cleansing, purifying.
Moon forced tides roll out,
rising, swelling- -crashing,
a constant pull and push- –
together- -apart,
we’re all a part.

                      My heart flows
                      a river of emotion
                      and motion- -yet,
                      calm- -motionless
                      I listen,
                      surfing vibrations- –
                      clinging only to Earth
                      and her nature of motion
                      in motion.
                      Universal Energy
                      in constant ceremony- –
                      a dreaming,
                      drumming, singing
                      with my ancestors- –
                      sage smoke curling upward- –
                      prayer ceremony.
                      Eternally grateful,
                      I dance
                      to life’s music
                      in universal motion. 


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

English: A purple rose in lavender shade Portu...

English: A purple rose in lavender shade Português: Uma rosa roxa em tom lavanda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lavender roses- –
rain kissed love
falling petals
my heart feels
and hears
and sees you
in every scent

I’m thinking- –
to taste
the droplets
cool sweetness
of your skin
quickly- –


Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.

Collecting thoughts- –
pretty rocks
to fill my pockets- –
dreams kept
for long nights running
backward in slow motion
waiting for you to find
me between the lines.

Icy night wind mourns
the summer still locked
away deep in my heart- –
where sea spray comes
dancing amid the gulls
and your shining smile- –
a bright sun warming
my toes in the sand.

I can’t stand waiting
for so long
between sunshine kisses.
Collecting thoughts- –
pretty rocks- -to keep you
in my pocket- -safe,
a cold night’s dream
while mourning summer.


Photograph courtesy of
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby. 

English: Pale horse In field between the railw...

English: Pale horse In field between the railway line and the Eastern Cleddau. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I shiver- -the darkness
cold, missing you
Ignore the rain
on my face
over your suffering.

The inevitable lingers- –
a huge spider in its web,
dangling around my neck.
I’ve begged it to leave you
here with me.  I could
rewrite the turning
of seasons I’ve squandered
without you.  Selfish, I know- –
after all, pale horses are impatient.

I’ve heard quietus
can be kind- -beautiful
like you.  It’s down deep
in the well of missing
more years together- –
I fear most.

give mom and dad
my love.  I’ll see you smiling
again one timeless Sunday
for dinner and pie.
We’ll laugh
over no more tomorrows- –
then see about taming
a pale horse or two.

For Clara, I love you
Copyright 2012, by Suzie Ashby.