Melted crayon colors
spread, meld to
stained glass images- –
his mind recalls
the pieces- -shards
of love shattered.
His heart an open wound
gaping wide and waiting,
waiting- -wanting
her velvet petal embrace
to leave him alone and lonely,
where the healing begins.

On the banks
of the river Memory
her reflection waves at him
– -gentle smile lingers
awhile, her peach pie kisses
sweeten his mind- -a tear
in his eye, each movement- -thought
he gets caught up- -choking up.
A soft sigh, he drifts
back to the melding
of their bodies- -hearts.  Mind
back stepping
to simple childhood crayon art
coloring her
                    away- –
to stop the aching
in his heart- -to enshroud
in colorful cloud the lifetime
of wanting nothing
but her.  Wanting now
the safety of loneliness
where his healing begins.

Copyright 2011, by Suzie Ashby.