A vixen screams on the wind,
night streams in.
A river of ice- -my blood
cold- -dams up,
my heart- -paralized.

You sigh.
Realizing its an echo- –
only an echo of you,
brutal darkness
betrays my heart- –
that frozen stream screaming
in whispers- –
whispering your name.

My mind denies the wind
softly calling.  Only
loneliness hears you laugh,
not the mind.
Yes- -my heart
still hears your laughter- -sigh,
in moonlight
spilling over water.  Swift
currents collide inside- –
my mind drifts
to matters of the heart- –
circles of longing
tearing circles apart.
Darkness echoes darkness
swathed- -layers of black silk
around me.
My heart
a metronome
ticks away
your shadow

– -sleeping.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.