This Awakening

 rooster’s crow
assaults dawn’s solitude
shattering revery
red–purple- –
deep blue hues
leak through
the window
glow beginning
slow awakening
from dreams
dragging thoughts
– -dead weight
through a field
while falling
down a mountain
– -dragging thoughts
the star dust
in your eyes
in your arms- -body,
baby hold me
before I fall again
– -hold me- -explore
these depths, love
hides in there
the motions- -radiant,
warm currents flow
move in,
toss the bags anywhere
– -move in to me
– -electric needs
want’s path leads beyond
the blue hue pooling
of desire- -feed
on honey kisses
my skin tingles
in this awakening
to star dust
in your eyes


Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.