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It is
humanity with no soul,
control freaks- -CONTROL,
the great sleepwalking hordes- –
not sharing the value
of unconditional love- –
the precious vastness
of its meaning- –
Unconditional Love.- –
essential cohesive ingredient
for healthy personal empowerment
in life’s great flow- –
a societal inability to slow
allowing our children
to unconditionally grow- –
so they may know
carnage and death
do not create great heroes
unique in their technique
to receive attention.
The brutal intention
of freaks in control,
humanity with no soul,
the great sleepwalking hordes
devoid- -of love- -unconditional,
is why children die
at the hands of other children- –
vicious- -malicious,
this grave war of angels.
Humanity HAS the capacity- –
facility of heart, to overcome
what the control freak mindset
has yet to encompass.- –

True victory for a hero
is not in the act of conquering,
but in the deeds
of unconditional loving- –
despite the hateful acidity
of others.

Copyright 2009 and 2010, by Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.

We walk a lot- -all of us
through each others lives
                  each others dreams
through experiences like water- –

Many miles we walk
  and out
through ragged, shining days
sunny, cloudy, misty haze
– -intimate, lonely nights
star lit, snow lit, city lights

Sometimes we walk in
stay a while- -love
cradles us- -we
take refuge in it

Sometimes turning our
backs- -walking away
continually walking
everywhere, anywhere
– -can’t stay
we walk a lot- -all of us
always coming- -going
within each other’s instances
of death- –
sighing, crying, glorifying

Holes in our moccasins
we walk- -different paces
changing faces- -never alone

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.  All Rights Reserved.

leaf fall carpets woods
quiescent hearts paint dusk blue
dark wings slice cool air

                                       wind tosses pine boughs
                                       whistling under the eaves
                                       cold lake loon echoes

full moon chases fox
chilled mountain shadows settle
among dried nettle

                                       feeling euphoric
                                       color splashes golden-red
                                       frost laden dreams call

wandering no more
festive souls come together
radiant bonfire

                                       defiant cold rain
                                       counts coup on secret lovers
                                       despite singing birds

memories bursting
laughing clouds crystallize sky
before drifting white

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Tide swell erases
words in sand- –
washing songs from shells- –
foam licks our legs,
Poseidon’s moonlight drenched kisses.
We swim with stars at our feet
diving in
to one another,
trying to save the last pearl
from ever being found
by the wrong hand.
Long days of summer gone
we package our love
in seaweed
and color it farewell.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

A flat bottom boat at dawn
skims smooth- – silent,
not even a whispered ripple
shreds the coming light.
Your love is like this- –
gentle and easy, floating
deep inside me- -a dew drop
on my soul, a hush
patterned on my heart
etched there- –

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Fire’s kiss
bends twilight shadows
morphing imagination’s
mingled thoughts
to beauty.
Orange moon rises
ever higher- -a neon balloon
uncontrolled, taking away
my quaking breath- -showing
night tide’s beauty,
sewing autumn stitches- –
a quilt of comfort
for broken dreams.- –
My soul grows
in the wake of you.
The moon forgets- –
I forgive, harvest comes
creeping bold flame kisses- –

I love you.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Silence screams
in blossoms, trees, buffalo grass
swaying- -dancing
dew drops drip
Earth bound rain
lands it painfully
within this vessel of me.
You challenge it all with a smile.
Billowy puff clouds above
float with noisy laughter
next to you in my heart.
You- –
are tranquillity stroking my hair
– -desperately seeking
anything more tangible
than a silky dream.

Earth’s serenade whispers
through my soul, stirring
the mist and you.
Blades of sunrise
pierce dawn’s graceful veil.
Nature awakens
with wings thrashing- -music,
laughter of life- -free
eager for love like flowers
to be plucked- -love.
I leave you standing
alone inside me- -waiting
in time’s hallow for a tender rebirth.

Love- –
standing alone.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.