Beyond iron gate
black wolf howls
mournful- -hollow twilight
eclipsed by deepening storm
creeping through dark woods.
Winds whistle- -lonely souls
trying- -crying,
death’s underlying bitterness.
Candle light flickers- -dance
the light warming shadows
around my chamber canopy.
Through the halls
cold stone walls whisper
incessantly- -secrets- –
loves, wars
losses beyond my own womb,
beyond simple letting go
of fears and tears- -crusades,
beyond bloodletting.
Fretting- -inevitable knowing
knots the gut- -fluttering
– -knowing loneliness- -deep.
Black wolf howls- -wind howls.
Drafty castle shiver my heart- –
haunting- -lurking ghosts
lost- -trapped- -afraid
afraid- -yet I welcome them,
here- -now,
                    a warming.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.