My Grandmother Nora (Mom’s Mom)

Meadow swollen
with blossoms
velvet wings flutter
Nora- -Small One Laughing
in shining sun
seeks flowers for her raven hair.
Eagle screams in the wind
– -they come, Thunder Beings
rolling, crashing
hiding the sun.
Small One’s eyes
fly with Eagle- -soul
flies.  Nora- -Small One
Laughing sings to the skies.
Crystal rain
dropping, leaping
spilling down- -down
over lichen painted granite– –
granite painted Earth.
Small One Laughing
becomes the rain- -one
with it, dancing.
Golden sun returns- -glistening
from above sweeping
painted Earth with love.
Nora- -Small One Laughing
rain kissed- -on the run back
through the warming sun- –
back to the wild flowers
for her raven hair.

Meadow Wild Flowers

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

Both Photographs Family Property of Suzie Ashby, Copyright 2010.