I just have to ask, because the eye pain it causes me is so tremendous. Have you ever wanted, I mean really wanted to just mess up someone’s hair? What is up with Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair? We have a running bet that his girlfriend is either coaching him, or she actually does these kind of things to this poor man’s head. Yes, I am sure he has probably tried to pass it off on aliens, or maybe even lost a bet himself.

In all honesty, Giorgio, I truly do love you just the way you are (shaggy or styled) and I am certain the ancient aliens do also.  I would dearly give anything to have even a 16th of your brains.  Besides, I shouldn’t be talking hair since I began bleaching mine at 13 years old.  Although, this week I did go back to my shade of brown.  It is a bit lighter and brighter than my natural color, with a few highlights.  My natural brown is just too mousy.  So Giorgio, at least you don’t spend hundreds of dollars a year changing the color of yours. Blessings & Light.