I reach out, a dose
of tranquillity floods over me.
I touch your face- -embrace
in another place, another age
deep in the cosmos.
Turning back a page,
only a few million years ago
where we approached
a long trail, walking
the length of it in circles
– -within each other- –
running words like horses- –
on a windswept cerulean beach.

Now- -opening my eyes
tears surprise me,
missing you this much
after only a few- -million years.
Time is so blunt- -unforgiving
when living to touch
in other seasons- –
reasons too obscure,
except for time- -and the cosmos.
For a man and a woman
we were lucky way back then.
Say- –
you’ll always be there
when I close my eyes.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.