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I just have to ask, because the eye pain it causes me is so tremendous. Have you ever wanted, I mean really wanted to just mess up someone’s hair? What is up with Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair? We have a running bet that his girlfriend is either coaching him, or she actually does these kind of things to this poor man’s head. Yes, I am sure he has probably tried to pass it off on aliens, or maybe even lost a bet himself.

In all honesty, Giorgio, I truly do love you just the way you are (shaggy or styled) and I am certain the ancient aliens do also.  I would dearly give anything to have even a 16th of your brains.  Besides, I shouldn’t be talking hair since I began bleaching mine at 13 years old.  Although, this week I did go back to my shade of brown.  It is a bit lighter and brighter than my natural color, with a few highlights.  My natural brown is just too mousy.  So Giorgio, at least you don’t spend hundreds of dollars a year changing the color of yours. Blessings & Light.

Sunset’s crimson stain                   
above the black horizon
dissolves.  I’m needing- –
pleading, cutting- -bleeding
for your love.
– -On my knees thoughts drift,
clouds of thought rain
painted leaves
burning within my brain- –
burning up inside me- -agony.
Mind flames reach upward,
outward, inward.- -My skin
prickles shooting stars
in the night wind’s whispering.
Shooting stars- -shooting tears.
Time slithers- –
a sidewinder from hell
stops before me.  On my knees,
it strikes- -again- -again
ebbing my sorrow’s tide.                     
Heart’s deep bass drums
rock me slowly- -all auditory
bends to a single pound- –
finality- -fatality.
Visuals fade to blackness
– -peculiar yet peaceful.                                     
I- -my sunset’s crimson stain                   
rise above the black horizon
and dissolve to meet you
beyond the Milky Way, at last- –
rock me slowly love
cradled in your smile
and all the brilliance
of you.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

This is a very simple recipe and most excellent for an easy dinner or even a large gathering.  All this one requires is chicken, as much or as little as you need, any brand of Honey Mustard Salad Dressing, and pepper if you like.

Completely coat chicken with the dressing and allow it to marinate in the refrigerator for about six hours.  Pepper each piece and grill.  Throw away the remaining dressing the chicken marinated in, but brush each piece with more dressing as it cooks.

This chicken is also excellent sliced or cubed and placed on a bed of fresh salad greens. 

You can use the low fat dressing.

Pre-dawn moon glow bleeds
opalescent needles of light
through the pain.
On the sill- -crystals
absorb energy.
Night on fire- –
creativity dances electric- –
sparks ignite.
Brain and body- -one
with heart- -with soul,
flow energy- -flow
with the drumming
deep inside- -outward spiraling.
Moving in time- -swaying
through time,
I begin again.

Perceptions- –
intuition- -light
thoughts, words
flow fire and ice
from my hand- –
warmed by Grandmother Moon,
moved by love- -by God’s grace.
Gifts to loves and lives
across the cosmos.
My soul bleeds, too- –
in wave forms smashing
along the shoreline
of a distant star’s energy
pulsating inside your mind- –
and we connect- -synchronicity,
LOVE.  How can we not
feel such a merging.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

I reach out, a dose
of tranquillity floods over me.
I touch your face- -embrace
in another place, another age
deep in the cosmos.
Turning back a page,
only a few million years ago
where we approached
a long trail, walking
the length of it in circles
– -within each other- –
running words like horses- –
on a windswept cerulean beach.

Now- -opening my eyes
tears surprise me,
missing you this much
after only a few- -million years.
Time is so blunt- -unforgiving
when living to touch
in other seasons- –
reasons too obscure,
except for time- -and the cosmos.
For a man and a woman
we were lucky way back then.
Say- –
you’ll always be there
when I close my eyes.

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.

dark waters
your eyes
moon light- –
your soul
midnight- –
I am
in you- –
night wind
your kiss
tender bliss- –
my eyes

Copyright 2010, by Suzie Ashby.